Orange IoT Connectivity as a
powerful driving force

With the launch of LTE-M and NB-IOT, Orange Belgium is the first to launch in Belgium Mobile Internet of Things, reaching nationwide coverage.

The NB-IoT and LTE-M technologies are Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) cellular network layers that will allow millions of everyday objects to be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). LPWA technologies deployed by Orange Belgium offer many advantages when connecting objects to the Internet of Things:

  • The best possible mobile coverage (up to +20dB compared to 2G/4G coverage), considerably improving signal penetration inside buildings.
  • It is not legally restricted to so-called “duty cycles” which implies no limitations on data throughput.
  • Full bidirectional communication between the object and the network allowing e.g. firmware software updates over the air.
  • A guaranteed connectivity abroad (roaming) on other operators’ Mobile IoT networks.
  • Extended battery life of the connected equipment by up to 10 years thanks to low energy consumption drastically reduced cost of the radio modules inside the devices that need to be connected.

Next to the technological advantages choosing Orange NB-IoT means you will have access to an open standard, an established ecosystem of manufacturers and the leverage of existing cellular networks:

  • NB-IoT/LTE-M can be deployed fast, flexible and in co-existence with an existing infrastructure footprint.
  • NB-IoT/LTE-M are open 3GPP standard, and they’re here to stay. The backing of major equipment manufacturers signifies a firm long term commitment, enables a broad market support and will trigger a drop in the cost of communication components when reaching mass production.
  • Since Cellular IoT can be considered as an “add-on” on LTE, Application and Hardware developers will benefit from a low barrier for entry into this connectivity technology.

And last but not least, Celular IoT (NB-IoT/LTE-M) is the safest solution for IoT connectivity as it operates in licensed spectrum. Moreover, the SIM card offers secure connections thanks to LTE networks’ unique capabilities in terms of authenticating and encrypting the data in transit.

Orange IoT as a catalyst

In order to maintain its 15+years leadership in IoT, Orange Belgium leverages on the benefits of recognised expertise and the best suited tools to materialise your project: as from prototyping over implementation to launch, even internationally. In addition, a team of experts is at your service 24/7. All to ensure that your critical applications stay online and operational in all circumstances.

Orange IoT acts as the catalyst for companies and business innovators to establish connections that would not have been viable with existing technologies. Orange can serve any Internet of Things application in a single network. This will result in consumers seeing a huge variety of new products, services and applications enabled by IoT.

Orange IoT offers you customised solutions and total control over your SIM card fleet.