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Easily connect, collect, visualise
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Orange IoT solution Orange NB-IoT Kit and Orange Maker

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How it works


Connect to the network

Orange IoT connectivity

Orange IoT connectivity


Collect your data

Orange NB-IoT Kit IoT connectivity

From your Orange NB-IoT
Rapid Development Kit


Visualise your data

Orange Maker Powered by AllThingsTalk

Orange Maker
Powered by AllThingsTalk


Use your data

NB-IoT experiments


Orange NB-IoT Kit

NB-IoT Rapid Development Kit.
Kickstart your IoT initiative

Orange offers everything you need to develop and build prototypes and products using the Orange IoT network. Orange NB-IoT Rapid Development Kit includes 6-month free use of the Orange IoT network, an Arduino-based board, radio module and plug n' play sensors.

Orange Maker the Cloud Instance for Prototyping

You can discover accessible functionality of the Orange Maker and experiment to learn how to put Internet of Things to use in your line of business. Get started with some pre-defined experiments.

  • Count and notify visits
  • Environmental sensing
  • Object location and movement
Orange IoT Maker
Orange IoT connectivity

Orange IoT

Experience this new LPWA Network, Discover the Orange IoT network offers.

What is Orange
IoT solution

What are the features and benefits of the Orange IoT solution to get you started?

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